IMG-20120501-00595 Cute as a button – vivacious full of glee

that’s our fitness instructor & her name is Leigh

She bends us this way and that way& turns us inside out

stretches us upwards and outwards never a doubt

Leigh`s moto is “you can do it – just try it you will see”

push your bum outwards and squat from the knee

grapevine to the right or chest press 1-2-3

try a little zumba ” come on girls smile for me”

Think of the summer girls – practice deep breathing

“hey look at the clock Leigh – time we were leaving”

but No she wants us to try a few more weights ” don’t worry about time we can always run late”

So till next week, practice at home!

because Leigh with keep fit is like a dog with a bone!

But we all love Leigh dearly we couldn’t do better    as we stretch for the last time, and get out `hell for leather`

Thank you Janet & Hazel ` I Love it`

Mrs J Evans & Mrs H Lane

Tony`s Story

On the 25th March 2006 I was in a house fire. After eight months in hospital I was discharged in December and told that I was not expected to walk again and would require 24 / 7 care.

Rehabilitation help was sparse, and so in May 2006 I travelled to my daughters home in  

New Zealand where the help I needed was readily available, although costly.

Returning home in November 2007 I searched for continued help with my rehabilitation, but again I found the help offered to was lacking within the UK public sector. Again I turned to seeking help elsewhere.

In January 2008 I was given the name of  Leigh Denley. This was the point where my rehabilitation took a new direction. Leigh a specialised  fitness trainer. Rehabilitation was based on getting me physically fitter and stronger and then working on balance and coordination. I am now walking distances of up to  3Km, with the aid of crutches.

Plus weekly Work outs at my local gym. My progress is such that without Leigh I am sure that the prognosis on leaving hospital would have been correct. With the help of Leigh I am looking forward to a more active life.

Leigh makes becoming fitter a pleasure.

I can fully recommend Leigh Denley.

Tony Ellis

Newport Shropshire.

Mature Movers

After retiring from a very busy job I was concerned about how I was going to keep fit, I joined a gym and although there were often older people exercising there I didn’t feel comfortable when it was full of young , energetic fitness fanatics.

I tried several fitness classes but found they were all not suitable for the more mature person. I was told about “Mature Movers” by a friend and decided to give it a try, the class was run by Leigh who makes everyone welcome regardless of shape or size , she knows everyone by name and makes you feel like she really cares about each one of us.

Attending this group has had many benefits, keeping fit being one of them, but most of all I look forward each week going to this exercise class with it`s great instructor and a very friendly group of fellow Mature Movers.

Leigh encourages us to go at our own pace and to stop and rest if we are feeling tired or in pain, you do not need to feel that you are in competition with the other members.

Leigh explains clearly how to do each of the exercise and which muscles that we are using

So for others who may be thinking about taking more exercise come along to “Mature Movers” you wont regret it!

Mary Forde


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