Hi come and meet some of Run4All Running club,

i think the rest of us were already at the starting line, this was taken last year at the Great Birmingham Half marathon, the first year under this title but maybe the 4th year of the actual event previously known as the edf. We`ve participated in everyone since they started and have enjoyed watching the event grow each year, And now it`s part of the “Great Runs” portfolio we`ll see how they continue to develop, ( to have a little whinge i think we paid £20 entry fee when it was call the edf then last year £42 and this year i have just read they want £52 entrie fee :s ) Any way!!

As a supportive running session goes! whose aims are to encourage people to take up some physical activity, this scheme has been known as a local nhs initiative called W@W   aka Well@Work to encourage and motivate those who may work long hours or those who jobs provide them with little activity to become more active, here members from all walks of life who usually start off as a beginner have all found a passion in running follow is on some of our journeys, we love new events and please feel free to let me know of any you think that we might like to participate in, some of us already this year completed the Ironbridge Half.. next we have Shiffnal, Lake Vyrnwy And the Great Birmingham Half Marathon in our sights, -{And i`m sure one of us said they may attempt Nottingham full marathon for the 2nd time in the effort of her children’s Band the “Sunshine Caribbean Steel Band” a local charity run by The Telford West Indian association to keep young people /children busy all year, they learn to play the steel pan and attend a lot of functions and bookings, the leaders of charity Mr and Mrs Brissett are hoping to take the young people on an educational trip of a life time to visit Trinidad and Tobago to see how the steel pans are made and to visit and attend a school while they are there so that the young people can gain a greater under standing of  how  young  people live across the other side of the world}

So we have plenty of events planned this year and i havent mention the numeros 10k`s we`ll be supporting and participating in as we have new runners ready to take the plunge

Please come back here and follow what we`ve been up too, fingers crossed the weather will be good and we`ll  be participating in a gentle climb up Mount Snowdon over the May Bank holidays



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