I first qualified as a person centered counsellor in 1998,  where I had the idea that i could help people overcome their difficulties through benefiting from exercise, at this time in my life I already had three children and in 1999 I had my fourth child so during his first few years I had time to develop the skills I needed to put my ideas into action

In 2000 I qualified as a running instructor then in 2003 I qualified in ETM (exercise to music) then Gym instruction, then I continued to broaden my knowledge with Disability Gym, Extend, Postural Stability and now I`ve also got Sports therapy under my belt, these qualifications have opened many doors for me and over time I have had the pleasure in meeting many wonderful people, and also some of our most vulnerable people in our community,, and it is here where I have settled for the time being working with the most vulnerable helping them reach their goals that being either helping them remain independent or rehab where I assist those regain pre trauma stress

So throughout the working week I play many roles supporting and assisting clients and participants, I’ll be bringing video clips here to help those of you out there that you  to can also help your most vulnerable, Falls Prevention is so important for us all to understand for us to help protect and care for our frail seniors

Any one needing advice for keeping fit for the over 50’s please feel free to contact me fit4life@live.co.uk


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