Well it`s that time of year again where all agencies safeguarding our older population are going stir crazy about building awareness of the importance of “Falls Prevention”

All very good and well but why do we only go stir crazy for one week what about the other 51 weeks of the year! and to be quite honest we hold falls awareness in June this isn’t the high season of when Falls  are more likely  to occur so to speak! But none the less at least were talking about it at long last

some latest figures suggest that 9000 elderly people in the UK die every year due to a fall, and still each fall can cost local NHS authorities up £21.000 in  hospitalization, hip replacement, rehab, per fall on average!!  And that isn’t one of the worse case scenarios, so why on earth can it be morally sustainable for these costs to continue to mount up especially when 1 x faller may experience several falls in a week, month or year,  what more can be done to lower the risk of falls which in turn will reduce the cost to our beloved NHS

Our older population needing to take better care of themselves, on what might seem small every day measures what the younger generation may take for granted

  • Having your eye sight tested regularly
  • Hearing aids checked regularly
  •  making sure there is sufficient lighting in home                chair-exercise
  • Rugs and carpets are securely fitted to the floor
  • Good floor space and clutter free
  • Regular medication reviews
  • Good diet
  • Healthy feet
  • appropriate clothing and foot wear

But another important aspect which gets left off the list a lot, is a good quality of life, good company an active social life “living Life” still being able to get out and about and the support everyone needs to achieve this, if all areas had an affordable supported transport system to enable our older people to take part in social events and if falls prevention classes where as popular as local Zumba classes and there was incentives put into place to encourage our older folk to participate, prevention is better than cure and educating people that a fit and healthy lifestyle is a life long relationship that we have with ourselves, we are never too old to try something new, and we must do what ever it takes to keep our selfs Fit Healthy and Happy! but most important Independent!!

So please if you know of someone who may be struggling with their health and is in fear of falling the best advice that you could do for them is to support and encourage them to participate in one of their local falls prevention classes, contact your local health authority to see what is happening in your area, or you could go to Age concern or simply contact me fit4life@live.co.uk  and together we CAN make a difference, Support Falls awareness Week and check that all your older relatives and friends ARE NOT living with the fear of FALLING


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