Awww it`s been an emotional week, as i`ve said bye-bye to  a couple of my Mature Movers classes, i`ve been with these two particular classes

7-8 years,  and over that time  we`ve had some fantastic sessions we`ve worked out really hard, we`ve sweated together, but most of all i think we`ve laughed even more, i can honestly say that over those years i have met some wonderful people, and many have left an impression on my life, photo

As a fitness instructor it is your job to inspire and teach people to how to physically look after themselves, but my participants now friends have taught me so much more and i would just like to say thank you to each and everyone who have come along and supported me over the years, but this isn`t GOODBYE!  hopefully this is just a bye-bye for now, you never know when the time is right we will set up again, it`s just a shame that there are only 12 hours in the day and only 5 working days of my week haha team you know me!



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Exercise Specialist ~ Sports Therapist

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