Ready Steady Mums is an organisation with a unique approach. Mums around the UK are encouraged to enjoy FREE weekly exercise sessions in their local communities along with their babies and toddlers making sessions both practical and fun. Through the Ready Steady Mums movement, sociable groups of women regularly meet up for volunteer-led exercise groups which range from fitness sessions at the local park to buggy walking groups. RSM sessions can be flexible to meet the needs and wants of local mums but most importantly, busy mums are given the opportunity to get outside in the fresh air with their babies, keep active and make new friends locally.

In addition to the local RSM groups, each mum is supported by her own FREE virtual personal trainer on-line. The VPT provides her with expert, tailored guidance to follow ensuring that she exercises s at her own pace with appropriate postnatal exercises.

Volunteer Group Leaders do not need to be fitness experts or qualified instructors as each mum (through her online VPT) will be aware of her own limitations. Group Leaders simply coordinate and lead their exercise group on a day, time and place that suits them. There is a range of fantastic resources available for Group Leaders to access such as example session plans, leaflets and posters and in addition, full support is offered by a dedicated Support Manager who can assist with setting up and promoting new groups.

There are already a number of successful local groups taking place at various locations across the country led by our enthusiastic Group Leaders and we are increasing the RSM community even more. Ready Steady Mums is helping mums everywhere to reach their post-baby body goals and to actively embrace motherhood! Can you help?

For more information on becoming a Group Leader go to www.readysteadymums.com

Or for an informal chat you can contact me on 07865081598 or mail me  leigh@readysteadymums.com


About maturemovers

Exercise Specialist ~ Sports Therapist

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