Hi all

Some of you may know that I have recently started a part time role with Ready Steady Mums (RSM). I wanted to contact everyone in my network of friends and colleges to explain a bit about what RSM is all about and also to seek your help.

What is unique about RSM and what appealed to me is that it’s completely FREE for mums to attend unlike other similar fitness groups. RSM exercise sessions can be anything you want them to be- we have walking groups through to full on circuit sessions at the local park! Group Leaders who take the exercise sessions are actually volunteers…more often than not, other mums who want to do some form of exercise and meet other local mums in their community-although anyone can volunteer to lead a session.

Group Leaders do not need to be fitness experts or qualified instructors; they simply coordinate and lead the group sessions which take place on a day, time and venue that suits them. Through Ready Steady Mums, Group Leaders have access to example exercise sessions, online films by other RSM volunteers, a new Group Leader Facebook page, a helpful handbook and dedicated support from a Group Leader Support Manager (me!). The minimum commitment asked of them is three months. There are now a number of RSM exercise groups taking place across the country (Melbourn/ London/ Brighton/ Bristol) and we hope to set up many more groups. Hence myself here in Shropshire

Another resource for mums to access via RSM is the FREE online, virtual personal trainer (VPT) suitable straight after labour where members work through the various levels at their own pace creating a personal, tailored exercise programme. Before joining a local RSM exercise session, all mums should be signed up to their VPT to understand their own post-natal body limitations-see the Ready Steady Mums website below.

Mine and my colleague Carman’s new role with Ready Steady Mums is predominantly to support existing and new Group Leaders and to expand the RSM community- supporting mums across the country to reach their post-baby body goals! This is where you can possibly help:

  • Please forward this email to your own network of mums or any interested parties
  • If you or anyone you know is  interested in joining a local RSM group or setting up a RSM group in their own community, please get in touch
  • Like the Ready Steady Mums Facebook page
  • Befriend me on Facebook and share Ready Steady Mums links that I circulate
  • Let me know of any local mums groups who would be interested in finding out more-I’d be happy to come and talk to you in person
  • Let me run a trial exercise session with you and your friends so you can see how easy and enjoyable it is!
  • Watch out for the release of the new Ready Steady Mums post-natal DVD
  • Tell me how we can promote RSM to even more mums!

Thanks for taking the time to read my email!

Hope to hear from you soon.




Ready Steady Mums


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