Well it`s all fun for us at the moment, very exciting times all new for me     photo


As some of you may already many of my sessions have been kindly supported or coordinated by our local NHS for several years

but due to changes in local services this is now longer feasible, so sadly some of the services will be no longer and some will be continuing, so what an emotional topsy-turvy week it`s been explaining to some loyal and long-standing participants  that their session will soon be coming to an end but on a higher note exciting times as I re brand and continue privately all enquiries e-mail fit4life@live.co.uk

things to look forward to

  • “Back off the floor work shop” for residential homes, sheltered housing schemes and 1-2-1 clients. For those who are concerned with what they would do if they fell or are struggling to get up when they go down! to book your work shop e-mail fit4life@live.co.uk
  • Run4life Running club were also going through some changes as well were looking for a charity to be come our New Mascot  so that any funds we raise through the events that we participate in will go directly to them,  were going to have a new Facebook Group page where sponsors will be able to follow a link and track our training and see what else we`ll be getting up to, new training sessions also to be added, if you`d like to join us you’re welcome we don’t mind if you have never run before or you’re a well seasoned marathoner you would be very welcome to join us, for times when we meet e-mail fit4life@live.co.uk
  • New Mature Movers classes where and when still to be decided on but i`ll let you all know as soon as i can

but in the mean time here`s a couple of links that you can listen into a radio interview with Eric Smith from Shropshire Radio and also the Start of the Market Drayton 10k that a few of us took part in sunday 12th of May, this race is one of our favourites we attend most years and this year was a good one for us as a group, for some of our new members it was their 1st 10k,  for others it was all about the PB for me it was just about finishing and i did 58-18 :))

Radio interview  http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/player/p01879ds

Market Drayton 10k Starting line http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFgMsrkiEyw  see if you can spot us


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Exercise Specialist ~ Sports Therapist

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