Hi all,

i`m re publishing my leaflet of how to get “Back off the Floor”  I apologise if some of you couldn’t open it the last time i published it, So with a lot of help from My friend Sheila from Club 2000  www.club2000.btck.co.uk i`ve managed well NO! Sheila has managed  to convert it for you all, so please feel free to open it, print it, and most of all PRACTICE IT!



Advice on how to stand  up out of a chair without asking some one for help! it`ll will show you how to get on and off the floor safely and how to manoeuver around the floor

this is my step by step guide “Back Off the Floor”

if you are concerned about how to get  down and “back Off the Floor” or if you would like to Host a workshop at your work place residential housing scheme or nursing home please contact me fit4life@live.co.uk  or call 07865081598 for details

Back off the Floor leaflet


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