Where`s the best place to be on a Thursday evening? Club 2000 at Abraham Derby new sports and leisure facilities in Telford of course!!!


I must admit these sessions are one of my highlights of the week, i`ve been running the inclusion gym sessions for Club 2K now for several years, and we have seen many members come through our door, we have  the use of a large area segregated off  from the main public and for 1 hour each week, members attend and really enjoy a good work out each week, the disabilities of members vary from downs syndrome, physical disabilities and other learning difficulties, but once the session begins there is no disabilities were all members and friends enjoying our evening together enjoying what we like to do and that’s keeping fit and being active, apart from the gym sessions there are also football and swimming on offer to the members as well as other social activities like Wii Games Arts and crafts and not to mention the fantastic Drama group,  the club also enjoys regular disco`s through out the year where we strut our stuff  and sing the night away (maybe have a little drink ) The club is run entirely by Some very special volunteers and simply just wouldn’t work without them


Club 2000

Although the Club 2000 Committee meets at the Hollinswood Local Centre, Club itself is held on Thursday nights at the new Abraham Darby Sport & Leisure Centre in Madeley, would this still count as eligable for your site?  If so, perhaps you would consider the following for inclusion:

Club 2000 Sport & Leisure is a club for people with disabilities, including learning disabilities, that meets at The Abraham Darby Sport and Leisure Centre on Thursday nights.  Application for membership is open to anyone over the age of 16 and costs £50 per year.  There is no upper age limit and you don’t have to be disabled to join.

Club meets on Thursday evenings at The Abraham Darby Sport and Leisure Centre in Madeley from 6.15 – 9.00 pm and activities include 5-a-side football, shortmat bowls, crafts, swimming, Nintendo Wii games, coffee bar and, once a month, a bingo session that members seem to love.

If you would like to find out more about Club 2000, you would be made very welcome at the Abraham Darby Sport and Leisure Centre on a Thursday evening or you can contact Sheila Cooper on Telford 405169 or 07904 180428; Sue Harris on Telford 244721 (work) or 255267 (home) or Anne Devere on Telford 585678.  You can also find lots of useful information on our website, www.club2000.btck.co.uk or, if you are a Facebook sort of person, our Facebook page is open for viewing – just look for Club 2000 Sport and Leisure, Telford.



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