Hi all, what an interesting week I`ve had delivering my new work shop on how to get “Back off The Floor”  a lot of my participants do realise the benefits of exercise and many now say that they now really enjoy exercise and they look forward to our weekly sessions, and they have now also  cooperated walks  into their regime on a nice afternoon or on an evening, walking to the shops or a spot of gardening, But one thing most people hate doing post a certain stage in their lives is ” To get down on the Floor” it`s a dread that you can see on everyone’s face when I mention it, how sad it is when a person drops something and they ave to wait until a visitor comes around to pick it up for them, all because of the fear that if they finally do get down on the floor, they know they are certain that they will never be able to get Back up off the floor with out a team of firemen lifting them back up! Very extreme thinking but very true!     Unknown

Here is a little gift i have for you a leaflet for you to print off and keep it give advice on how to stand out of a chair without asking some one for help! it`ll will show you how to get on and off the floor safely and how to manoeuver around the floor

this is my step by step guide “Back Off the Floor”

if you are concerned about how to get  down and “back Off the Floor” or if you would like to Host a workshop at your work place residential housing scheme or nursing home please contact me fit4life@live.co.uk  or call 07865081598 for details

Back off the Floor leaflet


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