Health Improvement Physical Activity member to carry Olympic Torch

Local Telford Girl Leighmarie Denley has been selected to carry the Olympic Torch as it travels through Much Wenlock. Leighmarie will support one of the stages of the Much Wenlock route when the torch travels through the town on May 30th2012.

Leighmarie, 41, has been a Health Improvement Physical Activity Team member since 2004. She was introduced to the team by attending, as a participant, an Aerobics session at Watlin   Street community Centre,Wellington. She was so enthused by this session it inspired her to become an instructor herself.

With the support of the SCHNHST, she went on to qualify as an Exercise to music instructor, delivering Aerobic sessions at Watlin Street, Leegomerey and then at Hadley and Donnington.

Leigh has gone onto specialise in working with the elderly and disabled, gaining qualifications in OTAGO, Postural stability, Disability gym, Special populations and many other fitness qualifications.Big Sons old baseball bat and christmas prezies off Patrick and Jude

She now delivers many diverse sessions, including Falls Prevention community based exercise sessions and delivering exercise to dementia sufferers at the Millbrook Day Centre. She supports and mentors volunteers to lead our very diverse Women in Motion female only Gym session at TCAT, and is a running coach, leading sessions on SCHNHST Well@Work running sessions. In 2008 the running club was affiliated, and Leigh played a huge part in this. Leigh also spends many hours as a volunteer encouraging and enthusing people to become more physically active.

With Leighmarie’s ethnic background she has made huge inroads in encouraging people from BME communities to get involved in physical activity, breaking down barriers and improving the attendance from these communities.

Leigh has worked privately with a disabled gentleman who lives in Newport. He is 62 and suffered a serious accident and was sadly not expected to live, let alone walk again. Leigh began work with him in July 2008 and has made a huge difference to his day to day life and that of his Daughters. When Leigh first started work with him, his range of movement was very limited and he spent most of the day in his chair. With Leigh’s care, dedication, patience and an exercise programme to suit his needs, he is now managing some of his daily care needs, such as popping his own socks on and getting out of the house and out and about on an electric scooter. He can complete six lengths in the swimming pool; Leigh had worked with him to encourage standing without the aid of crutches.

Leighmarie is a single mother of four, with children to care for and a home to run but she  has still managed to find time to make a difference. Her enthusiasm, her smile for everyone and her extreme dedication and professionalism towards improving physical activity levels within the communities of Telford and Wrekin must be admired. She is a credit to herself and Shropshire Community health NHS Trust. She deserves her moment to SHINE

“I`m so very chuffed to be given the honour of this role, i would like to sincerly like to thank Jude Bailey for all the support over the years in helping me reach my own goals and this is only the beggining xxx and for all the well wishes that i have recieved since hearing the good news, thank you very much and this is Our Moment to Shine xx


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