Hi all

what a busy week it has been for fit4llife and maturemovers, I started the week off with Falls prevention Classes, I deliver several of these a week but lately Mondays have been different as I have been focusing on one particular class where the participants are all suffering with the later stages of dementia, and other crippling ailments, these classes are always different from the others I teach as in the terms of my delivery and the techniques that I use to deliver postural awareness, flexibility and mobility, and also in what I learn in return. I often use music in my classes but for this particular class I choose not to use music as I do find it too much as a distraction for the participants.  I used conversation this week to help me with this one particular class where I left inspired and grateful to of had the opportunity to meet such wonderful people who have lived such incredible lives, but sad to know that no-one is safe from this disease and it`s crippiling effects. The exercises that I deliver are based on Otago where I combine them with my other fitness knowledge  to keep my participants as mobile and as independent as possible

  • Learning to stand up from a chair unaided
  • Learning to walk forward and back with confidence and without the fear of falling
  • Improving range of movement, flexibility and strength

Being able to carry out every day activities and personal care is a form of fitness that we take for granted, and we never know when we might lose it, so the earlier on in life that we start to take better care of ourself`s,  the better, it`s never too late in life to start participating in a fitness programme, and helping to educate our older community in the importance of this is vital to their welfare 

Other Falls classes were a blast this week my new sixties cd must have triggered some memories my tailored made exercises went out the window at a particular venue and we ended up having a party! but hey as long as the movement is safe

for any advice on falls prevention please contact e-mail me fit4life@live.co.uk

Mature Movers

Senior circuits “Oh what fun” we had this week we do enjoy ourselves at out Mature Movers`s classes for many years I have delivered a light aerobic class followed by some resistance/conditioning but this week we did something a little different.. after our general seated warm up I devised a circuit of 14 stations 1 per participant alternating aerobic and resistance work, I handed out everyone a result and progression sheet for their own reference only! everyone throughly enjoying the session and looking forward to see if they can improve their results over the following month, so here`s a space to keep a listen out for…


Running 4 Life

Now that all the snow and ice as gone and many of my old faithful`s have returned not everyone likes the challenge of running on frozen snow and ice, so we have packed in some good mileage this week, and we have already signed up for some local events and were looking for some new events, we car share so we don’t mind travelling so if anyone out there knows of some good running events to help keep us challenged please let me know you can e-mail me at fit4life@live.co.uk

As ive said before please contact me if you have anything that you would like me to post about fitness for the less able-bodied or our beloved senior community 

Speak to you all Soon

Leigh   founder of fit4life x



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Exercise Specialist ~ Sports Therapist

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  1. Anna says:

    Wow great to get your expert advice great blog post. Have you got a monthly newsletter I can subscribe to?

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